All-in-one virtual shopping platform

Assist shoppers and show products in real life

Personalized Experience for Shoppers

Offer a highly personalized experience and humanize your site to be more like shopping in-store


Informed and Tailored recommendations

See what page and product the customer is currently viewing to offer personalized suggestions and advice.

Personal Product Expert

After the conversation the product expert is assigned to the customer, ensuring all future communications are more personal.

Privacy for Shoppers

Customers can mute themselves and turn their camera on/off before making the call.

Convenient and Secure for your team

Everything you need to ensure your team's is focused only on what they do best - building relationships with customers.


Smart Routing

Route calls based on your team's availability, time zone, expertise, and in-store product availability to make sure a customer gets the best match.

Customer location detection

Know exactly where your customer is calling from in order to quickly navigate them to the nearest store or arrange a delivery

Spam filter

Block unwanted and offensive users and save your team's time.

Supercharging sales

Enhance your video call experience to ensure better conversion


Request contact details

Ask for the customer's details with a built-in lead gen form at your fingertips. A near-to 100% conversion guaranteed.

Call scheduling

Offer shoppers to get a call-back or schedule a call whenever your staff is unavailable.

Virtual Clienteling

Keep them coming back and build brand loyalty with text and email clienteling, built-in to Supersales.

Product consultations, made easy

Anyone can start using Supersales without training, instructions or complicated set-up


Like FaceTime for Shopping

Familiar and straightforward UI that makes it easy for any customer to make calls.

Instant Video Calls without downloads

Shoppers can video call directly from the product page while browsing your site without having to download anything.

All platforms and browsers

All major browsers supported for both mobile and desktop. iOS and Android apps for your teams.

Real-time performance tracking

Get insights you can use across the business with Supersales analytics tools.


Calls recording

Evaluate and access all your video calls to improve team's performance.

Analytics & Monitoring

Track overall team's and individual performance, gain insights and finetune your sales process.

Call rating

Customer feedback is collected after each call making it easy to track your staff performance.

How it Works


Add Supersales widget to your site in 5 minutes


Customize the button for your use case


Your customers can video chat with product experts on-demand without leaving the page

Seamless integration with the tools you use

Get Supersales and start selling

Get started with a free 30-day trial, risk free. No credit card required.