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Our story started when our co-founders (and serial entrepreneurs at the time) Slava, Dima, Eugene, and Yegor met through a startup founders club Shmit16, and realized they wanted to build something together.

Their initial idea was focused on building a new communications tool that would simulate real life as much as possible. They played around with multiple ideas from building a virtual office to voice or video chat support.


2020, May

The turning point happened when Slava was forced to purchase all of his house furniture online during the lockdown. He was left feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the options. What's even more frustrating was not having the opportunity to see IRL the very expensive couch he was about to purchase. He ended up calling up the store to request multiple images via email.

That's when he asked himself, "Wouldn't it be much better if I could enter the store virtually while browsing the product on the site?"

2020, May

2020, July

After talking to a few retailers, they realized this was a huge pain point. Millions of shoppers not being able to go to their local stores to see products IRL exposed just how frustrating the online experience actually was.

That's when the first version of Supersales, the 1:1 live video calls for eCommerce, was born.

2020, July


Today, Supersales is helping brands around the world connect with their customers via live video and offer in-store experiences online.


Our team

  • Slava Orekhov Chief Rockstar

  • Dima Zaruta Chief Dream Alchemist

  • Blanka Supe Chief Make-Things-Happen Officer

  • Dima Vasiliev Head of Inspiration

  • Eugene Kuryshev Chief Happiness Officer

  • Yegor Yakovishen Chief Cuddle Officer

  • Vlad Petrashkevich Full Stack Magician

  • Evgeniy Khisamudinov QA Guy (Quirky & Affectionate)